This is the safest version of our valorant aimbot. Using the Arduino Leonardo R3 board (16 on Amazon), you will never get detected. It's physically protected. Set up takes 2 minutes and requires no computer skills. ... 12/07/2022 GitHub - VANISHED51/Valorant-Covert-Source-Code-Esp-Aimbot-Hwid-Spoofer: Tested on Windows 10 x64 also Windows 11. The aiming component of such a cheat is called ‘aimbot’ and the shooting component is called the ‘triggerbot’ and they can usually be configured separately in order to hide ones cheating activities.In a good Valorant aimbot, auto aim angle can be configured, aim speed, shot delay, target leading or no target leading for hitscan weapons. Code: CoordMode, Pixel, Screen.

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